BTA was founded in 2017 by a team of professionals who specialize in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Northern California. Through the use of our unique assessment techniques, called “ABA Systems” we can identify the methods that will inspire, stimulate, and connect with our patients. We pride ourselves on improving independence through communication and providing tools necessary to build a repertoire of skills that will help them reach their full potential. Our programs are completely individualized and tailored to each patient’s needs. The BTA logo features a silhouette of a boy who extends his arms turned into wings with the desire to fly. It was chosen as a symbol of freedom and comprehension in search of a solution. Together, the name and logo represent our Common Purpose and a deep commitment of helping families create a lasting effect through ABA’s individualized therapy. Our research has led us to the development of “ABA Systems”; our developers have been working on it since 2015 and the system is now ready to be put in action. An ABA system is an innovative tool used by our therapists in the treatment of behavioral analysis in ASD. This work has been done by a team of psychologists, therapists, and professionals with experience in technology, finance, human resources, and research in ASD, operations, and BCBA etc. The work done by our team has united us and has identified the certain characteristics of a common good: love towards one another, social responsibility and the passion to discover new solutions in the search to satisfy the needs to provide well-being to the communities around BTA​

BTA’s mission is to provide high quality services in the development and implementation of the ABA program for children, teens, and young adults with ASD; As well as to help facilitate the improvement of our patient’s lives and their families.
BTA will continue to research and develop innovating systems on the treatment and analysis of ASD. BTA will be a leader in providing services for children, teens, and young adults with ASD by providing an array of support to integrate into their communities and to enhance the quality of their lives.


Our teams of trained and highly dedicated professionals strive to stimulate different cognitive domains and provide an experience each patient enjoys. Our consultants pride themselves on the strength of their programming and training abilities.

Our Senior Consultants are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA).

Our therapists have completed training specifically on ABA behavior and are intensely supervised under the direction of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. All therapists are committed to helping each patient succeed and to provide a language enriched environment to help foster development. We are confident that our teams approach to target goals is not only effective, but a key factor in the success of every child that we serve.