Behavior Treatment & Analysis

is a company created to help children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD),in order to develop their social and communication skills. To do this we have specialized staff and personalized treatments for each patient. The objectives are personalized according to the abilities of each patient, the level and type of autism, the possibilities of family development and the social environment of each one; with the purpose of preparing them with sufficient skills to solve the problems of daily life.


BTA provides a variety of behavioral health treatment services, based on applied behavior analysis (ABA) to children 0 to 10 years diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In order to minimize the adverse effects of autism spectrum disorder and promote the development of skills in patients. Our services are:

  • ABA Assessment
  • Therapy ABA
  • Consultation
  • Related Services & Supports
  • Family Training
  • Social Skills
  • Community Skills
  • Independent Living Skill


We offer Developmental Disorders services such as:

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How to Start Therapy with Us

If you were informed by a professional in areas such as education, health, social work, psychology or any other related to education and behavior; your child needs a diagnosis to establish autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or if he or she is already diagnosed and needs an initial evaluation.

“Disclaimer: We do not diagnose. However, we can still assist you on beginning your process towards ABA Therapy. “



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Our Team

Our team of professionals of Behavioral Analysts Certified by BOARD CERTIFICATION BEHAVIOR ANALYST (BACB), will help patients to stimulate the different cognitive domains and to develop their abilities to the maximum.

Our therapists are trained in ABA behavior and are intensively supervised under the direction of a BCBA. All therapists are committed to helping each patient be successful and nurturing the skills that help them reach their full potential. We believe that our work team is a key factor in the success of each patient we serve.



Our constant research has led us in developing a set of special tools for ABA therapies, these tools continue to consistently be updated by our developers. The necessary tests have been performed, and currently some tools of this system are used by our therapists, showing positive results in aid of ABA therapies. The goal of creating this technology is to enable patients to reach their full potential. The development has been carried out by a team of psychologists, BCBA, therapists and professionals with experience in technology, design, administration, operations, etc.

ABA SYSTEM is a set of tools specially created to support ABA therapies, the system consists of specific exercises and materials, divided into different categories and domains. The purpose of the system is to help patients and ABA therapy professionals achieve the goals set out in the evaluation data. The tools are customized according to the skills of each patient and the objectives are established according to the level and type of autism, the possibilities of development of the family and the social environment of each patient; taking into account the goal of having them prepared with enough skills to solve the problems that daily life will bring them in the future.